Discussing Window Options

Wood Vs. Vinyl Windows Treatments

Does it seem like some of the window treatments in your home are getting worn down, losing their efficiency and airtight seal, or just looking outdated and out of style? If you are having any of these issues, you should consider upgrading your window treatments. Something people think that they should only upgrade their windows when they are able to do their entire home at once. However, this can be very expensive and not practical for households on a budget. There is nothing wrong with upgrading your windows one by one.

The fact of the matter is, some windows in your home will get used and endure a lot more wear than others, so they need to be upgraded sooner. You need to decide which window material will be the most practical for your property style and budget requirement. Here are the drawback and advantages of vinyl and wooden windows.

Wooden Window Treatments

Wooden windows are increasingly becoming less popular partly because synthetic products like vinyl and fiberglass can be made with fake wood prints. These prints have textures that match the print on the wood grain. They look pretty convincing and they don't require nearly as much upkeep as real wood.

However, there are still some great reasons to invest in real wooden windows. First of all, wood, unlike vinyl is a product that can be easily customized and refinished. So, if you decide that you want to change the stain on your wooden frames down the road, you can do that quite easily. Vinyl, on the other hand, cannot be easily refinished or repainted. You are more or less stuck with the finish that you initially installed. Also, high quality wooden windows are still very attractive to property owners who want their windows to match with other wooden design features in their home.

Vinyl Window Treatments

Many homeowners are more interested in finding the most practical and easy-to-own product. Vinyl is definitely at the top of this list. It is perfectly water resistant, so you don't need to worry about staining, waterproofing or weatherizing the surface. It is also easy to clean with basic liquid solutions. An occasional wipe down with a wet rag will usually be enough to keep your windows clean. Vinyl can be manufactured with realistic prints. Often, these prints will look just like real wood.

Wood and vinyl are both good options for replacing your windows.