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Have Picture Windows? 3 Reasons Why Window Tinting Is Perfect For Them

Homes with large picture windows are great because they allow you to really take in the view from your home. Although large picture windows provide you with a great view, they have some drawbacks as well, such as the generation of extra heat and a lack of privacy. Window tinting is perfect for large picture windows because it addresses the drawbacks of picture window while still allowing you to enjoy your beautiful view.

#1 Reduce Heat

With large picture windows, a lot of sunlight is able to get into your home. This can often result in rooms where large picture windows are located to get relatively hot when the sun is hitting them. To make matters worse, you can't open up large picture windows to allow in a breeze to cool things down.

Window tinting is perfect because it can help cut down on the excessive heat that comes through picture windows and heats up your home. Residential window tints are designed to reflect the sunlight away from your home. This will help keep the sunlight from going through your window and turning your beautiful family room into a heat box when the sunlight is hitting your picture windows.

#2 Protection

All of the sunlight that can come through your picture windows has another downside as well. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause damage to your home. If you have wood floors, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause your wood floors to fade over time. Sunlight can cause a variety of flooring types to fade. If you keep your furniture in the same spot, this can result in the wood or flooring under your furniture developing a different color than the rest of your wood floors.

Sunlight can also cause your furniture to fade. This can happen to a variety of different furniture types, from leather furniture to microfiber. Over time, the sun can zap the color out of the room where your picture windows are located.

Window film is great because it can reflect away sunlight and it can also filter out harmful ultraviolet rays that cause items in your home to fade under the weight of the sun.

#3 Privacy

Another big downside to picture windows is that they can compromise your privacy. Although they allow you to have a great view of the outside, they also allow anyone on the outside to have a great view into your home. With window tints, you can have window films installed that give you a greater degree of privacy. You can have your windows tinted darker, making it easy for you to see out, but not for others to see in. You can have window tints installed that are more reflective and make your window look dark from the outside but still allow you to enjoy a view from inside of your home.

If you have large picture windows that don't afford you enough privacy, result in your furniture and other items fading from sun exposure and produce too much heat, window film may be your solution.