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A Guide To Residential Window Tinting

Residential tinting is a cheap and accessible way to improve the efficiency of old windows. Most people think that window tinting is really only good for sunny climates. While tinted window films can help to greatly reduce the effect of sunrays, they can also be useful in cold climates. This article explains not only why window tinting is great for all climates, it also explains the differences between DIY kits and professional tinting services.

Who Can Benefit From Window Tinting?

The fact of the matter is, just about any home can benefit from window tinting. There aren't many ways to make your windows more energy efficient without investing in major upgrades. Window films are very cheap and easy to install. They are most popular in sunny climates, especially on windows that receive a lot of sunlight. A basic exterior tinted film will help keep that room a little cooler. You can also add interior film, but they aren't quite as effective as exterior films when it comes to sun protection. Interior and exterior window films can also be helpful in cold climates. They add a thin but vital layer of protection to your glass, which might allow you to be a little less reliant on your heater.

Self Installation vs. Professional Tinting Services

As it goes with most home services, you kind of get what you pay for when it comes to window tinting. That being said, DIY window kits are extremely effective, but only if they are properly installed. If you skimp or improperly install the film, the film won't last long. This is a major problem with exterior films because installing the product from the outside of your home is much harder. The glass is dirtier and if it is not properly cleaned and prepped, you're bound to end up with air bubbles.

Professional tinting services cost more, but you end up with a more permanent tint. That is, the installation process takes practice and training, even though DIY products claim to be very easy to install. However, if you think that you can handle the installation with skill and ease, feel free to try it. Since the DIY kits are so cheap, you won't feel like you waster too much money if the tint only lasts a couple of years.

Whether you apply your own tint or leave it to the pros, it is a worthwhile window upgrade for any home.  Contact a company like Clear-Vu Window Tinting for more information and assistance.