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3 Maintenance Tips To Help With Common Gutter Problems And Cleaning

Gutters are a great investment for protecting your foundation or to add water collection to your home. They also require maintenance, and will sometimes need small repairs, such as sealing a leaking joint or unclogging a downspout. Here are a few tips that will help with some of the most common gutter problems that you are going to encounter:

1. Reducing Tree Debris Problems with Routine Trimming

The trees you have around your home provide valuable shade, but also contribute to problems with your roof and gutters. To reduce these problems, make sure that you keep the trees trimmed. Trim the canopy of trees to allow sun to reach the roof and away from the gutters. Keeping trees trimmed will help prevent problems with overflowing gutters and stopped up downspouts, as well as reduce wear to roofing. Trim all the lower branches of trees away from the gutters to prevent debris from causing damage.

2. Dealing with Seals Leaking Around Seams and Joints of Gutters

There are several areas of gutters that may develop leaks, which can lead to problems with water damage to woodwork on eaves. The gutters may begin to leak if they are sectional and there is a long span or in areas where they wrap around corners. Use a good silicone caulking to seal leaks and prevent damage to your home. You may want to talk with a gutter installation service about installing seamless gutters for long spans that commonly leak. Talk with the gutter installation service about reducing seams and potential leaks of gutters.

3. Unclogging Stopped Up Gutter Downspouts and A Simple Way to Prevent Blockage

The gutter downspout is an area where all the water runoff from your roof drains away. With the runoff come all the debris too; this causes the gutter downspouts to become clogged. Try to use a garden hose to unclog the debris; using a plumbing snake when the water pressure is not enough. To prevent problems with clogged downspouts, simply cover them with a screen to keep the large debris out, but make sure to check and clean the screen frequently.  If you use gutter guards, make sure you can easily access the screens to clean them.

These are some maintenance tips that will help you deal with some of the most common gutter problems. If you are having problems with your gutters and need help with repairs, contact a gutter service to help.