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Have A Home With Children And Pets? Prioritize Wood Shutters To Cover Your Windows

After living in your home for a while, you may realize that you want to make some notable changes. For instance, you may not like the window treatments that you have throughout the house. While you can go to a home improvement store and pick up new window treatments, you may want to invest in a more permanent installation that you can enjoy for many years.

Getting help from professionals to create custom window treatments is an excellent option. With children and pets almost always in your home, you will benefit from picking wood shutters.

Prevent Adjustments

A major perk that comes from investing in wood shutters is that you will not have to worry about your children or pets making adjustments on their own. This is not something that you can rely on with blinds or curtains because all it takes is pushing them to the side to reveal the outside.

For instance, you may have a dog that likes to use their snout to open window treatments. But you can get custom shutters that prevent the slats from being opened this way.

Maximize Flexibility

When you have blinds or curtains, you will not have much flexibility with the windows. Horizontal blinds can only be pulled upward, which prevents you from being able to get some light from the top of the windows while also keeping the sunlight out from the bottom side.

Wood shutters allow you to open or close each panel depending on your wants and needs. You can even open the shutters entirely so that nothing blocks the windows from bringing in light. Also, you can include a locking mechanism on the shutters to prevent accidental openings.

Avoid Damage

Although you may like the look of curtains in your home, you may not enjoy the fact that they are susceptible to damage in various ways. All it takes is one of your cats or dogs scratching the curtains to cause noticeable damage. Curtains can also get entangled and pulled off the rod.

While wood shutters are not resistant to all damage, you will find that they are more challenging to damage in a serious way. Also, the fact that you will not have any material dangling on the floor further minimizes the chance that any harm will come to your custom wood shutters.

Investing in wood shutters for window treatments will not only improve how your home looks, but it will be an excellent addition for a household with children and pets. For more information, contact a company like Phoenix Window Fashions