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3 Common Questions About Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Selecting new windows for your house can be quite the challenge. With there being different varieties to pick from, you may need some help directing you towards a specific type for your house. Here are three questions that homeowners have about double-hung replacement windows that help them learn about them.

How Do Double-Hung Replacement Windows Operate?

You may be wondering what is so special about double-hung replacement windows that it is worth paying for the upgrade from the single hung model. The big difference is that double-hung models have two separate panels that move. You can open the window from up top, or open it at the bottom.

How Are Double-Hung Replacement Windows Beneficial?

There are several advantages to using a window with two removable panels.

Double-hung models also allow you to control the airflow better. If you want to allow hot air to leave the room, you can open the top panel. If you are looking for a cool breeze to come in, open up the bottom panel. It gives you some flexibility to make your room more comfortable.

You can make a double-hung model more energy efficient due to both panels moving. This is because you can easily apply weather stripping to both panels, forming a better seal that helps prevent the windows from leaking air.

If you use a window AC unit, double-hung models make it easy to install the unit with access from the top of the unit.

How Are Double-Hung Replacement Windows Safe?

These windows can make your home safe when you compare them to a single hung window. If you have kids in your home that are old enough to reach the windows, you can open just the top portion of the window. With a child safety lock, the child won't be able to press up against the screen and risk falling out through the window. The same logic applies to keeping pets away. Open the window from the top, and your cat won't be able to claw the screen and tear it up.

In addition, these windows usually have two locks to secure the window in its closed position, which make it harder for someone to break in.

If you are undecided if double-hung windows are best for you, meet with a window installation company in your area for a consultation. They can provide you with more info about the benefits of double-hung replacement windows.