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Some Common Signs That Your Windows Are No Longer Efficient

Do you have old windows in your home, but you aren't sure if it is time to upgrade them? You should assess the windows for signs that they are no longer efficient. Here are 4 things to look out for.

You See Frost on the Glass

One problem that you can have with your windows in the wintertime is frost developing on the indoor side of your windows. This often happens when outside temperatures make the inside of the glass so cold that moisture in the air turns to frost. It is not good for the energy efficiency of your home, and it can lead to damage to wooden window casings.

While you can temporarily fix this problem by putting plastic over the inside of the windows, which prevents the moisture from touching the glass, it is not the best solution. Consider purchasing brand-new windows with double-pane glass that will improve energy efficiency.

You Feel Drafts

Sometimes the sign is something you feel rather than see. Pay attention to the cold spots in your room, and if they are near the windows, you should check for drafts. Cold air may be getting in around the window frame. While fixing the problem may be as simple as ensuring the two window sashes are held tightly in the frame, it can also be due to an older window that has lost its integrity and no longer seals properly.

You Hear a Lot of Outside Noise

How well your windows keep sound out can tell you a lot about how energy efficient they are. Having several thick panes of glass is going to make hearing traffic on the street difficult when you are inside the home, since the soundproofing will be excellent. However, an older window with a single pane of thin glass is going to let a lot more sound into your home. Use the noise level to gauge how efficient your windows are, and consider replacing them when they make your home noisy.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Compare your energy bills over the past few years by looking at the amount of energy your home has consumed. Has the energy usage increased? If so, it could be due to your windows. When combined with the previous factors, it is a good reason to upgrade to a more energy efficient model of window.

If you're still not sure if you need energy efficient windows, reach out to a local window contractor for a consultation.