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How To Know You Should Replace Those Aging Windows

If you have older windows installed in your house, you might not know when it is time to have them replaced. It's not like windows have an expiration date, but there are signs that you can be on the lookout for. Here are four reasons to upgrade your home's windows.


Do you feel cold air coming in through your windows during the winter, or warm air during the summer? This means that your windows have a draft that is affecting your comfort. Those seals that surround the window borders should be airtight, but over the years, that seal won't be as tight as it once was. Air will find a way to seep inside, and there is not much that you can do about it.

Brand new windows will provide excellent insulation with a brand new seal, which will eliminate those drafts.

Rotting Wood

One problem with wood windows is that the wood can start to rot. This will happen gradually due to moisture getting into the window's wood frame, which causes the wood to soften and swell. Not only is rotting wood ugly, but can attract pets to your windows that love to eat soft wood, like termites. If you do not fix rotting wood fast enough, it could even cause moistures to get in the window's structural aspects, which will require a more extensive repair.

Balance Problems

When your windows were brand new, they had no problems holding their position when they were opened. This is another aspect of a window that can wear down over time, and now you may be using books or other items to prop a window open This is due to the balance being off within the window, not giving it the counterweight it needs to stay open.

Know that new windows will not have issues with the balance, which can help them stay open in the position you like without any problems. You may even want to upgrade to casement windows so that this problem doesn't happen in the future.

High Energy Bills

Your old windows may be causing your home's energy bills to increase due to all of the climate controlled air escaping in the summer and winter. While you can put plastic over windows to give them a better seal, it is not the most practical way to improve the energy efficiency of windows. You'll be better off getting new window that have wonderful insulation compare to the aging windows on your home.

Whether you're looking for casement windows or any other style, having new ones installed can make a significant difference for your home.