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How To Prepare For Your New Entry Door Installation

A new entry door will give your home a fresh, new look, and since the door is the first thing people see when they visit, an attractive door makes a good first impression. Installing an exterior door isn't as easy as it seems. While it looks like you can just switch the door out with the old one, there are some important steps to take and decisions to be made first. Here's a look at how to prepare for your new entry door installation.

Find Out If You Need A Permit

Your local area might require a permit for an exterior door because it might fall under a construction permit that exceeds a minimum dollar value. The door installer should know if a permit is needed, and they may even obtain it for you. However, you may want to call your codes office to verify if you need a permit. Since the work is visible from the street, you don't want a codes officer to drive by and decide to check for a permit when you don't have one.

Decide If You Want A Prehung Door

When you install a new door, you can choose between a prehung door and a slab door. A slab door is just the door itself while a prehung door comes already hung in a frame. It's usually best to buy a prehung door for exterior door installation. This is because they are already made to be weather tight in the frame. A slab door is simpler and less expensive, but installation can be difficult unless the door is the exact same door as you're having replaced. Any slight change in the door's size will make it difficult to get it weather tight in the old frame.

Plan For Installation Day

Installing a door takes quite a while, and your home will be open to the elements during that time. In addition to fitting the door into the opening of your house, it has to be meticulously levelled and hung so it swings freely and so there are no air leaks. Since your home will be open for several hours, you may want to install the door during mild weather. Also, you'll want to keep your pets contained so they don't dash out, and if you install in the summer, you may need to spray for mosquitoes first so your house won't fill up with bugs.

The biggest decision you have when it comes to a new entry door is the type of door you'll choose. There are many beautiful options and a variety of materials available. The door opening can even be widened if you want a larger door put in. When choosing the door, consider the cost of the door and labor as well as the amount of maintenance the door material needs. After that, choose the color and glass configuration that you love and that complements your home the best.