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Why Metal Colonial Shutters Are A Good Option For Storm Protection

There are several types of storm shutters you can have installed on your home to protect your window glass from flying debris, but Colonial shutters are a classic choice that has been used for generations. Here's why you may want to choose Colonial shutters to protect your home.

Colonial Shutters Are Easy To Operate

Storm shutters work in different ways. Some are labor intensive to put up, and they take up storage space when they're not needed. Colonial shutters are mounted permanently on the outsides of the windows on your house so they're always ready to close when a bad storm approaches. Closing the shutters is something you can do yourself or with help from a neighbor. It's a matter of closing the shutters over the window and locking them closed with a bar.

Some storm shutters are big panels that are difficult to handle. The panels have to be lined up and slid in tracks mounted on the side of your house. It can take up valuable time to get the panels out of storage and get them mounted when you could be doing more important things to get ready for the storm.

Colonial Shutters Are Attractive

You won't use the shutters very often, but you want them to look attractive when they're mounted on your house. Colonial shutters are so attractive that they are often used for decorative purposes or even painted on to make homes have more appeal. However, you'll want to look for actual storm shutters when you want to protect your windows from violent storms and blowing debris. When the weather is clear, the shutters make your home more beautiful, and that can be an improvement over having permanent tracks mounted for other types of shutters.

Colonial Shutters Provide Excellent Protection

While classic decorative shutters may be made of wood or vinyl, storm shutters are made of metal since metal is a much stronger material. Metal provides maximum protection during strong winds. You may want these storm shutters added to your home even if you have impact windows. While impact windows don't shatter and fall out of the frame, they can be cracked when hit hard enough, and then you'll have to pay to replace the window. Storm shutters will protect your expensive windows as long as you close the shutters before the storm arrives.

Colonial storm shutters are a good option for home protection against storms, and you have a lot of choices when it comes to colors and styles for the panels. Have them mounted by a professional, and your home will look more attractive every day and always be ready for a storm so you don't have to scramble at the hardware store for plywood or corrugated panels when a bad storm is coming.