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Custom Window Treatment Solutions That Will Makeover Your Home With Artisan Designs

If you want to add handcrafted features to your interior design, custom-made window treatments are the perfect solution. These materials can be fabrics, wood, and other materials. They can be used for interior design themes in different areas of your home. You may want to know where the custom window treatments will work best for your home. The following custom window treatment solutions will help you makeover your home with artisan design features.

Custom Blinds and Shutters

The options for window treatments for your home include interior shutters and blinds. These can be many different materials, as well as styles. Some of the different styles to consider for interior wood blinds or shutters include:

  • Colonial-style shutters
  • Vertical wood Venetian blinds
  • Horizontal Venetian blinds

The interior shutters and blinds make great window treatments for the main gathering space. They can be used in a kitchen or family room to give windows unique custom features. These types of window treatments are also functional because they protect your home and allow you to control natural lighting.

Custom Roman Shades

Another option to consider for the custom window treatments in your home is roman shades. These are shades that open and close vertically. There are also a lot of different options for the design of roman shades, including:

  • Shades made of traditional drapery fabrics
  • Custom automated roman shades
  • Sun screen roman shades

The custom roman shades give you a lot of options for unique design features for your new window treatments. The sunscreen styles are great for areas like porch enclosures or living space that gets a lot of direct sunlight.

Custom Draperies

You may want more traditional window treatments for your custom interior design. Curtains are a great choice because there are so many options. They are also functional solutions that can improve the energy-efficiency of your home. Some of the drapery features to add custom and functional window treatments to your home include:

  • Custom fabrics of your choice
  • Custom header pieces that match curtains
  • Valances and cornice features

These are some of the functional and custom options for draperies. If you want the curtains to be more energy-efficient, ask about thermal designs. These draperies have a filling and backing to help reduce thermal energy transfer at windows where they are installed.

The artisan features will help you add the attractive details you want for your home's interior design. Contact a custom made window treatment service to get the measurements to start making these artisan design features.