Discussing Window Options

Are Plantation Shutters the Right Window Treatment for Your Home?

Choosing window treatments can seem like a fun endeavor until you actually start looking into your options. Aside from the ever-popular blinds and curtains, you'll soon learn there are several types of shutters to consider, one of which is plantation shutters. Mounted inside the window and made from stacked louvers, they have a really unique look that you may find attractive. But it's important to think about both their benefits and drawbacks before choosing plantation shutters for your home.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

1. They are made to specifically fit your windows.

Fitting some window treatments to your windows can be really tough. You may buy a set of blinds and then realize they're too narrow or that your curtains are too bulky for a small window. Plantation shutters, however, are specifically cut to size before installation, so you get a precise fit every time.

2. They are easy to clean.

To clean plantation shutters, you can just take a cloth, spray it with your preferred cleaning solution, and then wipe down each of the louvers. You don't have to worry about dry cleaning your window treatments, as you often do with curtains, and you the shutter louvers won't wiggle around as you try to wipe them.

3. They are easy to operate.

These days, many plantation shutters are motorized, so you push a button to open or close them. Even the non-automated versions are easy to operate; you turn a little lever. There are no strings to fiddle with and untangle.

The Drawbacks of Plantation Shutters

1. They're more permanent.

While you can remove plantation shutters, doing so is harder than removing blinds or curtains. You'll have to unscrew them from the window frame, and there will be screw holes left behind.

2. They need to be professionally installed.

You might be able to hang the plantation shutters yourself if you are really handy. However, most people need to have them professionally installed as there is a lot of specific measuring and cutting involved. This can add to the cost and inconvenience when compared to other window treatment options.

If you do not mind having them professionally installed and you plan to leave them in place pretty permanently, plantation shutters can be a easy to clean, easy to maintain option for your home. Look into some specific designs and colors, and contact a window treatment company if you're interested in shutters