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Installing New Impact Windows

The windows can be among the more vulnerable areas of your home as they can be relatively vulnerable to breaking and shattering. To reduce these risks, there are impact windows that can be installed.

There Is More To Impact Windows Than Shatter-Resistant Glass

A key feature of impact windows will be that they use glass panes that are designed to be extremely resistant to breaking and shattering. However, this is not the only safety feature that they will have. For example, these windows may also have a frame that is designed to effectively resist being damaged by strong impacts. Without the reinforced frame, there will be a much greater risk of the frame failing in response to these strong hits. That could result in the window failing even if the glass does not break.

Impact Windows Can Provide More Than Enhanced Security

The primary purpose for installing impact windows can be to improve the overall security of the building. However, this is not the only way that these windows will be able to benefit the house. For example, impact windows will typically be designed in a way that can improve their energy efficiency. This can be partially due to the thicker glass that may be used in these windows. However, it can also be a result of the fact that the frame will be made to be stronger and free of gaps. Not surprisingly, individuals will often find that their overall energy efficiency for the home can improve by a substantial amount once this upgrade is made.

Hurricane Shutters Can Benefit Impact Windows

Individuals may assume that they will have little need for hurricane shutters if they have impact windows installed. However, it is still advisable to have these shutters installed on the home to complement the impact windows. These shutters can be closed when there is severe weather in the area. While the impact windows will be able to resist many impacts, there are some issues that could damage the glass. For example, debris blowing into the window may not break it, but it could still leave deep scratches in it. Furthermore, these could be impacts that may be strong enough to puncture through these windows, and hurricane shutters can be a protective barrier that will make this far less likely to be a problem. By combining these two forms of protection, you can greatly improve the durability of your home's windows even during these strong weather events.

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